In FB Automate, one of the software apps is FB Ads Designer. You can design such as;

  • Facebook page profile picture
  • Facebook page cover photo
  • Facebook page sharing image
  • Facebook post image
  • Facebook event image

There is 2 option to make your outstanding design faster, a blank canvas with more custom size and standard Facebook image sizes.

Video Tutorial on how to do Fb Ads Designer.

Follow Tutorial Step by Step #

Step #1: Click “Content Designer” tab at the red box below

Step #2: Create your project name

Step #3: Choose your option

Blank Canvas – Create from the blank image, custom size, and Standard Facebook image sizes.

From Template – Design your Facebook post image or any image with more faster using a ready-made template.

Step #4: Save project or export to PC

Save your project in our secure database powered by Amazon AWS. Download to the desktop for your own use.

Step #5: Create Facebook Post Instantly

Manage your design, duplicate, delete, edit, download, or share with a normal post or slide post.

Step #6: Click image ” blue button” to show your image

When you choose a normal post or slide image, make sure to choose the post image.