This video will show you, how to make Auto Comment Bot

Step #1: Click – Comment Bot in the software list

Step #2: Click grey button ” + Enable Comment Bot”

Step #3: Choose which Facebook page

This section will show all your Facebook page. Please choose and click + symbol to activate/enable comment bot.

Step #4: Pop up show all your previous post

Choose which posting will be use for comment bot and click enable to activate the bot.

Step #5: Setup you comment bot

  1. Give name of your posting campaign (Only you will be seen)
  2. Run multiple time per-user – If customer comment 2 or 3 time, they will see same reply.
  3. Enable auto comment like – Once customer comment on your posting, bot will automatically like and reply.
  4. Enable comment auto-reply – normally enable(Yes)

You have 2 option

  • Public – Will be show at front page posting
  • Private – Will be sent to customer inbox messenger
  1. Default Reply – Any customer comment, all of them will get same text for public and private reply
  2. Keyword base reply – Choose regular text like “detail, PM, $, Price,” or any keyword. Let’s say you put “detail” as keyword. I comment – “could you please give more detail” and bot will reply at 2 part, public and private.

Please see the demo video for more clear.

Step #7: Check report for your referance

You can see the report comment bot, if the bot not reply you can click manually to send again.